Blood_Thirsty04 PUBG Tournament

Registration Start At 21st JAN To 31st JAN

Tournament Date 02-02-2019


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Pls join our whatsaap group via below link for more information.

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  1. registration fee accept on 9806483590 via Paytm, Google pay, Phone pe only.
  2. This event will be played online. Any Indian player can participate in this tournament and play from comfort of their home.
  3. Players can compete in this tournament from anywhere they wish. They need not travel to any other place for their matches.
  4. Only team leader has to register. Organizers will contact team leader and he has to co-ordinate with rest of the squad members and share details of other squad members with organizers.
  5. A custom room will be created on tournament day. Team Leader and his teammates will have to join that room. ID and Password of the room will be shared with team leader via WhatsApp on tournament day.
  6. Team Leaders who are registering are requested to enter valid E-Mail IDs and valid WhatsApp enabled contact numbers.
  7. Winning squads to get prizes via Paytm/Net Banking/UPI

Note: Each squad registration can have a maximum of up to 4 players.No matter how many players are in your squad (up to 4), the fees for one squad will be Rs.400

Prize poll

12000 ₹ distribute between top5 squads
1st place chiken dinner = 5000 ₹
2nd place = 3000 ₹
3rd place = 2000 ₹
4th place. = 1000 ₹
5th place. = 500 ₹
Most kill team in final = 500 ₹


Q: How to register?

A: click here for registration Complete this form or contact us on whatsaap number 6260489921 ,8269281036

Q: What is this tournament?
A: This is a PUBG Mobile Online Squad Tournament (for up to      4 people a squad).

Q: Who can play this tournament?
A: Any Indian citizen.

Q: What is the venue of this tournament?
A: This is an online tournament. You can play from the comfort of your home.

Q: How do I get my prize if I win?
A: You’ll get it via PayTM/Net Banking/UPI within one week of tournament conclusion.

Q: I have other questions.
A: Please call at 6260489921 ,8269281036


  1. Round 1 will have 100 squad and map will be erangel .
  2. Round 1 4 rooms will be created for 100 squad ( each room will have 25 squads) and top 6 squads of each room will proceed to grand final.
  3. Round 2 will be final map will be erangel. It will have 24 squads. Raking will be based on survival.


  1. Age Limit: 6+
  2. All games are played in PUBG Mobile.
  3. Players have to follow the guidelines given by organizers .
  4. Players turning up late and not allowed in the game won’t be issued any refund.
  5. Threatening or abusing game admins can result in legal actions.
  6. Players have to make sure to keep their game updated to latest version.
  7. In case of any technical issues from organizer end matches can be rescheduled.
  8. Screenshots are mandatory to challenge results by organizer.
  9. Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  10. In case of power failure, technical issues, conflict with results of match etc decision of organization regarding results of match or rematch will be final.

Contact us at 6260489921 ,8269281036

click here for registration