Ways to reach Tirupati


Tirupati Connectivity

Tirupati by Air

Tirupati airport is nestled in the region of Renigunta. You have to cross only 15 km distance from the core of the main city. Frequent flights are accessible from other major Indian metropolis such as Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore to this place. The adjacent International airport is Chennai from which the place has a good connectivity with different corners of the country and abroad. You can take flights from tirupati to chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad & other major cities.

Nearest Airport : Tirupati Airport, Tirupati

Tirupati by Rail

The main railhead of the place is Tirupati Railway Station that is linked with railway stations like Bangalore, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Madurai and Mumbai. Renigunta rail station is very close to the city and is at a distance of 15 km. Renigunta lies in Trivandrum-Delhi route. Thus, once you arrive at the capital of India, there are various sources to know how to reach Tirupati.

Tirupati by Road

One inquiring about how to reach Tirupati need not worry as there are multiple buses that run in between the major cities towards Tirupati. The prominent transport agencies of the region are APSRTC and KSRTC buses which link every part of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka with Tirupati in that order. There are numerous buses from Tirupati to banglore(253 km), Chennai (158 km) and Hyderabad (558 km) which will make your journey more comfortable.

Stay options at Tirupati Balaji

There are two places where you’ll find accommodation in Tirupati Bala Ji.

1. Tirupati and
2. Tirumala

Tirupati is about 22 km from Tirumala, where temple of Shri Balaji is located. There are hardly any private hotels in Tirumala. Neat and clean accommodation in Tirumala is provided by Tirumala Tirupati Devsthanams Trust. Stay options in Tirumala include guest houses, dormitory with locker facility, dharamshalas, mutts and choultry. Most of the stay options in Tirumala are provided by Tirumala Tirupati Devsthanams (TTD) and other religious institutions on very economical rates. Accommodation in Tirumala can be booked online at least a month in advance of your Tirupati Balaji Darshan. You can also book a room on your arrival at Tirumala by standing in a queue, it may take anywhere between 2-3 hrs.

The next best option is to book a hotel in Tirupati, which has no dearth of stay options for devotees on their way to Shri Tirupati Balaji. You may find TTD run guest houses in Tirupati as well.

special dharshan entry

Generally it takes 2–3 hours on a normal day. If any special day event, Seva or VIP Darshan is going on it may even be 5 hours and if you’re lucky you can have yourDarshan in 40 minutes or less.

How to get booking for Tirupathi Darshan ? 

If you don’t have a VIP Connection there are 3 ways to get a Darshan

1. Buy a ticket for a confirmed slot or Seva from the TTDC Centres – prices vary depending on the Seva ( In Bangalore you can get this from Vyalikaval TTD Centre, Next to Chowdiah Memorial, or from the Jayanagar Centre – Open on all days barring Tue) – at the counter your photo is taken and you are given a ticket for a certain time slot – thats the time when you can enter the line. For details on Darshan Timing / rates / what it includes check out http://www.tirumala.org/Advancebooking.aspx.

2. You Can also book a Ticket Online and upload a Scanned Photo – the website is slow and this may not be working all the time.

3. Walk up the steps (There are two Routes – 1 Hr Walk and a 3 – 4 hr walk)  and they give you a ticket on the way up

Where to stay in Tirupathi?  

No dearth of hotels but trusted proven ones are Bhimas & Fortune Kences (ITC). There are numerous Bhima’s so be careful while booking – some are good and some are not so good. (Avoid Bhima Deluxe near the Railway Station) The recommended one is Bhima Residency (Near Railway Over Bridge, Renigunta Road – 0877 – 6455371, 6455372) – Centrally located , easy to locate, good food. Rooms are about 2K / night. The Fortune Kences is located 200 m ahead – but rates can vary from 2500 –  3500/ night. Point to Note is that Bhima Residency does not come up on Makemytrip search – the Other Bhima’s do. However food at Bhima is the best – the Bhima Residency is a 5 min walk from Fortune Kences and we went there for all our meals.

How much Time does it take to reach the Temple from the hotel? 

The temple is in Tirumala – thats on top of a hill about 1000 feet. It takes about 10 min to  travel to Alipiri – the main gate to the hill, get security cheque done (Budget 30 Min+)  and then another 20 – 25 min to reach the hill top – Tirumala. The road up the hill is broad & safe and one way – cars coming down are on another track. It however has many U Pin bends (Over 20) . Regular buses also ply to the temple top – the bus stand is located opp to Fortune Kences.

Keep the receipt given to you when you enter Alipiri – this will be asked many times. When driving don’t speed – they track the time taken by you to reach – and if you go well within that you may be fined.

How do you walk up the Hill ? How much time does it take ? 

There are 2 routes – the 1st set of steps start from near Alipiri ( the place where the cars drive up) – this is a long walk 3 – 4 hrs  and covers 7 hills – hill 1 is the steepest and so is hill 7  , the rest are an easy walk. All along the walk are shops selling water & snacks. This route has a total of 4000 steps.

The second route was opened a few years back (Srivari Mettu) this is on the backside of the hill. Its a 20 Km drive from Alipiri to reach this place. The climb is shorter 60 – 70 Min at a brisk pace and is not difficult. Has about 2400 steps. Clean track – no shops , not crowded.

Both the walking route at the halfway mark there is a ticket counter – where they take your photo and give you a Ticket.  You can climb with your shoes and carry your cell phone – carry some biscuits , dry fruits , juice…. in your backpack.

Are there special Q’s for the Old and Babies ?

Yes there is a time slot reserved for the Old , Disabled and for parents with new born babies – This is in the afternoon – check the TTD website for details.

Whats the central point in the Hill Top? 

There are multiple Q’s and almost all the entry points are around a place called Vaikuntam ( Old Vijaya Bank)

What is not allowed inside the temple? 

Cell Phones, Cameras, Belts not allowed. Good to leave in car. If you are carrying Cash – carry it in a cloth bag. The temple has lockers but avoidable.

How bad is the Q? 

The Q’s are chock a block – there are multiple Q’s and they all merge near the main temple. 6 – 9AM in the morning is the time for VIP Darshan , Special Tickets etc hence most Q’s operate only after 9 AM. Crowd is mainly rural.

Pointers in Q when you are pushed ? 

Be careful of the floor – steps suddenly come , there are some places where there is water leaking , be alert so that you don’t fall or twist your leg. Once you enter its almost impossible to get out of the Q as its barricaded.

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