Kumbh 2019


And once again, the king of fairs, Maha Kumbh has begun, the fair is one of the biggest get together of people across the world. Celebrated four times over the time span of 12 years with regular intervals, Kumbh Mela is a festival in itself for which millions of devotees are in waiting.

Every year, various types of saints (Sadhus and Naga Sadhus) in thousands visits the Mela and showcase their amazing supernatural powers to their devotees such as the Rudraksh Baba (who used to wear 3 lacks of rudraksh on the body) and so many more are being seen in the fair, the opening of this auspicious fair is marked by the most awaiting Peshvai or Praveshai, where people are welcomed from all over the world, making the beginning the most remember one throughout the Fair, the saints arrive in huge groups and creative possessions.

The fair cum festival is going on in Prayag Raj also known as Allahbad, from 15th January, 2019. The main ritual of the fair is “The Shahi Snan”, it held for three times during the fair, the first day be the day of Makar Sankranti Shahi Snan (15th Jan, 2019), the next is for Mauni Amavasya (4th Feb, 2019), the third is for Basant Panchmi (10th Feb, 2019). Shahi Snan is a royal holy bath taken by the different religious groups and the devotees in the sacred river (Holy River Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati)

We all know, how big and crowd filled the fair is, in order to avoid the difficulties and problems, visitors should always follow some guidelines; first of all always try to pok the fair either in proper group, duo or solo, if you are in group tourism, then you should tie yourself with some key notes with everybody, try to fix a particular meeting point and wear your outfit as per some decided codes, try to be in a chain or split in small strata.

Second of all, always save yourself from the folk saints, especially who demand heavy amount of money in terms of Dakshina (Religious payment) and try not to spend too much donation boxes placed in front of those fake saints.
Third of all, very importantly do take care of your wallets and purses, such crowded places are paradise for the thieves and robbers, these all are the basic guidelines for the one going to visit the fair.

How to reach? The most important stair step for the visitors, due to the advancement and digitalized world, now within the couple of minutes you will have all the tickets and bookings available in front of you, plan your best with any of the travel website to Prayag Raj or Allahbad.

As we all know, India is known for its rich cultural heritage, and that’s how people from all over world visit this auspicious fair consisting of various cultural events showcasing the heritage that our country possesses. Organized by the government, tourist walks have a unique importance as they let you to explore the various parts of a region including forts and temples such as Bade- Hanumanji, Patalpuri Mandir, Allahbad Fort, Ram-Ghat, etc. There are many more including joy of waterways, thematic gates, laser light shows, etc. to have a look of.

The accommodations for the tourists have been arranged by the government with so many options to choose from, whether it’s a full facilitated tent, a 3-star hotel or 4-star hotel, you will have a luxurious choice to stay.
The holy vibes, blessings of saints & hermits welcomes their devotees to attain this biggest fair of the globe, also the other aspect of this fair besides coming together of millions of folk is the donation of many useful things such as clothes, food, precious gems to poor, saints and cows and that’s how Kumbh Mela needs no advertising and thus popular around the globe. Prayag Raj is waiting for you, Pay a visit!

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