Is Education of Navodaya still Relavant?


Is Education of Navodaya still Relavant?

How this thought conceive?
Earlier I had written an article about Navodya Vidyalaya :That turn a small kid into a Self Dependant Man which told mostly about the feeling being a Navodayan. As time is passing competition has grown up immensely in education sector hence need of quality education has increased many folds. Recently I have observed few comments about quality of Education of Navodaya so I felt necessary to answer this question, Is Education of Navodaya still Relavant? That’s how I landed to this article. Though invincible win of NVS results of class 10th and 12th over KVS tells every thing about the relevance of education of Navodaya.

Education is for most needy people.

Rather, this question should be asked to a kid who is residing in some hidden Indian villages on sheer life amenities whose parents is not in a position to provide any education, I’m sure a CBSE no cost education is always relevant to him. I am not saying that 100% students who studies in Navodaya belongs to very poor family but I am sure that you won’t deny that 80% student belongs to lower middle class family. And even that is the objective of NVS, serving the free education to Indian rural talent. Since we got our great education free we always feel obliged to return something to society. That’s the fundamental behind the motto of Navodaya “Come into Learn and go out to Serve”.

Alumni is proof.

Certainly every one can validate relevance of Navodaya Education by the achievement of Navodaya alumni. Alumni of organization is the best meter to judge the capability of Educational Organization.10 years back I have stepped out of Navodaya and till now I’ve seen many prominent Navodayan working proudly in their area, We have built India’s biggest alumni organization All India JNV Alumini Associatio (AIJAA), here you can find the various achievers of Navodaya family, though this list is not exhaustive. Definitely there are many more hidden Gems who keep on sparking in various nooks around the world. I just want to state that it may possible that some Navodayan does’t excel after stepping out from Navodya but wherever he is, whatever he is doing definitely he will be best among’st his companion.

I do agree that being Novodaya in out skirts we won’t get world-class exposure but whatever little we have got from NVS is enough to conquer the whole world. That’s the Navodaya spirit which keep telling us to move ahead.Whichever is the time period a hard-earned education of Navodaya will always be relevant.

Let’s shout loud Ham hi Navodaya Hon.

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