How to increase the speed of car? II

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How to increase the speed of car?


Method – 2

Reflashing your car’s computer

* Enhance a turbocharged engine with a programmer :-

These devices modify the programming on your vehicle’s computer called REFLASHING to allow for more horsepower, torque and sometimes better fuel economy. On a naturally aspirated engine, the horsepower increase will be quite minor, but with a supercharger you can see huge gain in horsepower.

• Some auto shops will advertise flashing options, saving you lots of money in the process. In practical terms, it’s not something people often do themselves, so you might talk with a mechanic you trust about it.

* Enhance supercharger engine’s computer with a power module :-

Aftermarket power modules can be used in a similar way, sometimes offering up to 30 extra H.P with proper installation.

• To install, look in the driver’s manual, a Chilton or a Hynes guide to see how to access the car’s computer, the disconnect negative battery cable and unplug the wiring harness from the computer.

• Plug in a aftermarket power module. Insert it between the wiring harness and the computer and reconnect negative battery cable.

How to increase the speed of car?

* Weigh the pros and cons :-

On the upside, reflashing the computer in your car can be a great and efficient way of upping the horsepower, giving you a powerful ride. On the downside, it’s an expensive process that requires you already have a supercharged engine another expensive process and reflashing also generally voids any warranty on a vehicle you’ve purchased. And that if you choose to complete the process, it’s on you.

Method – 3

Maxing engine efficiency :-

* Make the vehicle as light as possible :-

The simplest and cheapest way you can get the most efficiency and power out of your engine is by giving it the least amount of car to power. Even dropping 20 pounds will help you accelerate faster. Remove excess junk from your trunk and cab and consider making extra modifications that will lighten your load.

• Remove the rear seats, which can weigh up to a 100 pounds in some models.

• Use lightweight wheels instead of steel, with high performance tires. This can help you up to 50 pounds.

• Use carbon fiber or fibreglass body panel instead of the manufacturer panels. This is a more complex modification, but if you are trying to find your engine’s max and make the vehicle lighter.

* Install a high flow Air filter and intake system :-

Changing out the air filter to a higher performance variety can add a few horsepower cheaply and quickly to your engine. You won’t have to buy new air filters and you will allow your engine to breathe better, adding a small amount of power.

• AEM dry flow air filters never need any oil added and are legal everywhere. K & N air filters are good for 1,60,000 km amd can add 5 horsepower or more depending on vehicle.

• Cold air or ram air intake systems draw in air from a cooler place outside the vehicles. Some cars will benefit greatly and some will not. Usually, higher end cars will not be able to benefit from this, as they already have a well designed air intake system.

• Before making any filter modification or using a high performance system you get from the internet, research the laws in your country regarding filter regulations.

* Upgrade to performance exhaust system with test piping :-

Ideally a header back exhaust system will be installed, in which the exhaust goes pretty much straight from the engine to the tailpipe, efficiently and quickly. Kits are available, should you choose to do it yourself for several thousands rupees, through welding a new exhaust system onto the car requires that you have access to a shop with a hydraulic lift, the replacement system, the welding gear and the know how. It’s usually better to have a muffler shop that knows what they’re doing upgrade your exhaust system for a free.

• One to four cylinder engine should go upto 2.5″ exhaust unless a turbocharger is equipped, then 3″ is acceptable. V6/V8 car should have 2.5″-3″ exhaust all the way through.

• Exhaust header are expensive and will add only a small power gain. It’s a good option, but only if you have exhausted most other H.P maximum opportunities available.

Method – 4

Maxing engine performance :-

* Consider installing a performance camshaft :-

Performance cams increase the duration and timing of the valve opening during the engine stroke, increasing horsepower and making your car accelerate more quickly. You will idle slightly rougher with a performance cam, but get a throaty rumble that’s desirable for some gear heads depending on your vehicle. They’re like wise on the expensive side, but work in excellent conjunction with header or exhaust upgrades.

• To install a new camshaft, you must expose the valve train by removing the valve cover and possibility the distributor. Loosen and remove the timing chain and the old camshaft to install the new version. Adjust the timing and tweak the new cams as necessary.

* Research your turbocharging and supercharging options :-

A turbocharger can add upto 25%-30% power gains. However turbocharger kits cost about 2,50,000 rupees for common application. Turbochargers are excellent for any car, anywhere but can be prohibitively expensive and are difficult to install for normal mechanics. Reserch systems and options that would be effective for your model and weigh your option.

• Turbochargers such air into the engine, increasing boost and H.P. And intercooler will also need to be installed with a turbocharger, to avoid turbo lag, in which the engine overheat and slow the impeller.

How to increase the speed of car?

• Superchargers are belt driven, making it more effective for 6+ cylinder engines while a turbocharger results in a higher peak of H.P, supercharger don’t require the use of an intercooler and result in fewer heating problems and maintenance issues. They’re available in centrifugal Supercharger, Screw Supercharger and Roots type models depending on the kind of engine.

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* Install a water injection or anti detonant injection kit :-

A good water injection kit increases gas mileage and power while reducing carbon deposits within the combustion chambers, preventing engine piping. Most of the time having such a system installed will even let you buy lower octane fuel. While water injection kits will have almost no performance gains or naturally aspirated engines, they can help restore lost power. Turbo or supercharger engines will have massive power gains with water injection.

So guys that all will help you increase the performance of your car.

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