If you are Graduated without a Job

what to do if i dont have job even after engineering

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“Nothing is impossible in this world because it itself says I’m possible.” Don’t worry read the article and be inspired. Targeted readers of this article are any graduate who graduated with good aggregate but still won’t be having any option for a job.Though getting a job is not everything but being a middle-class person earning money is the unavoidable part of our life. There may be various reasons behind without a job whether fewer companies has visited for placement or worldwide recession. I knew exactly how it feels because five years earlier I was in the same position like yours. I am writing with my painful experience of graduation of BE so mentioned advice may be mostly fitted for a BE/B Tech graduate. Let’s write something about myself I have graduated with BE Engineering in 2010 from one of the good private colleges LNCT Bhopal and yes I was not having any job offer in my hand. Honestly, I was not having any option to pursue ahead. I was very much confused but not a bit afraid.

So first Thing Don’t Be afraid .

Ultimately everything happened for good. Same is my feeling now. And I’m sure same will be yours. Then what to do, I have grabbed the daring opportunity without any fear and it helped me to proof others that I am good for something. Anyhow I have managed to qualify GATE(Graduate Aptitude Exam for Engineering) so I joined NIT Bhopal as a contract-based faculty. It was little scary to face NIT students as a lecturer in such a young age but I took the challenge.

Keep your eyes on your Goal. 

Though I have joined a job but as per my plan I wanted to go for higher studies. I wasn’t able to prepare for GATE so I quite the Job. I took a break for six months for preparation for GATE then I join IIIT Bangalore for my Masters. Initially, It felt so impossible but due to my persistence I have managed to get an enough paying job in Software Industry. I was narrating my story to make this article realistic.And just to tell that everything can be achievable some people achieve it faster some like me slower. It is just matter of time.Keep patience and stay focused. You can always come to any job hub cities to search a job. I have seen many people struggling initially but their hard work paid then eventually.

So in Bullets what to do

Don’t feel Inferior keep your self-esteem high it will help you to qualify any interview. Grabbed any opportunity and keep preparing for your goal.It will definitely reduce social and family pressure. If you feel your short-term job is hindering your long-term target then create a minimum financial backup and quit. Try out some unconventional way for setup your future. Or Move on for higher education or opportunistic city.

And don’t stop till the goal is reached. I am sure once you get a respectable position soon you start feeling that I have achieved nothing yet still I have to move on and that is the ultimate spirit of life.

Disclaimer:This article is influenced by my own feeling. And qualities achieved during Navodaya Vidyalaya stay helped me most to keep focused.

Don’t be Selfish, Keep Sharing


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