Guide for Veshno Devi Temple

vaishno devi temple

Veshnodevi is one of the most visited places for pilgrims of India. Whether you have faith in God or not but this place is must visit place for every- one. Nature has offered a lot of scenic beauty to this place which definitely overwhelm your heart. Even tracking lover can visit this place as you need to climb a mountain for 18 KM to reach this place. This article is a guide for travellers of Veshnodevi. It helps you to plan your travel well in advance. I have been there in the month of April 2016 with my family and enjoyed this sacred journey a lot. It was a most exciting  and adventures trip for me.

VeshnoDevi temple is a Hindu temple of Maa Veshno situated in Katra on Trikuta mountain in State Jammu and Kashmir. You can reach this place Katra via Train or Bus from Jammu. And Jammu is very well connected from another part of India via air,road,and trains. Even you can get directs trains to Katra. I have traveled by Train from Jammu to Katra. Even Katra railway Station is one of the beautiful and well maintain station of India. You can feel the beauty of this place from the station itself. I have started climbing the way for Maa Veshnidevi around evening eight o’clock.

The distance of the main temple is around 18 Km from the Katra and you need to cover this distance either by walk or on horses or you can use palki as well. Even now helicopter services are available from Katra to Bhawan. Bhawan is the place on top of the mountain where Maa Veshno temple is situated. Definitely you need to pay the extra money for plaki, horses and helicopter. We all went by walk only. This 18 Km distance is divided in three stretch.First stretc is of around 2 km from base of mountain to Banganga it is also religious place where you will get Banganga river.Second stretch is of

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