Free registration for Covid-19 vaccine CoWIN app

Free registration for Covid-19 vaccine CoWIN app


Soon, the Government of India will start the covid 19 vaccination campaign for which the government will launch the CoWIN app.

This CoWIN app will be available on the Play Store which will be absolutely free, as well as the Health Ministry said that through this app you can also register for the corona vaccine free of cost and there will be no charge for this.

Through the CoWIN app, anyone taking the vaccine will be closely monitored for any possible side effects. The drug controller general of India has received the approval to use two vaccines for the treatment of Kovid-19. Which include covaxine and covishield.

The Health Ministry has said that Co-WIN is a mobile app that will be available to everyone for free download. This app will have complete information about the vaccination process, administrative activities, vaccination workers and those who are to be vaccinated.

It will also have the option of self registration. Also, the head of a panchayat will also be able to apply with this app for vaccination of the people of his panchayat.



The government has not yet officially launched the CoWIN app, yet we will be getting many apps with this name on the Google Play-Store, do not have to download any wrong app yet as soon as the app is available through the government Google Play-Store The link will be put here but it will be made available here along with how to register on the CoWIN app.

Vaccination of Kovid-19 will be done in three phases. The first phase will include frontline workers. After this, there will be vaccination of emergency workers. At the same time, in the third phase, people who are already suffering from any disease will be vaccinated.


The Co-WIN app has five modules according to the Ministry of Health

  1. Administrative module,
  2. Registration module,
  3. Vaccination module,
  4. Benefit Approval Module
  5. Report module


The first of these modules is the administrative module in which sessions will be prescribed for the vaccine and notifications will be sent to the vaccinated people and managers.

In the registration module you will be able to register for the vaccine yourself. For this module, an organization can register in bulk those who need a vaccine. A vaccination certificate based on the QR code will be found in the beneficiation acceptance module.


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